We have been asked many questions about parasailing in Hawaii over the past 31 years we have been in business. Here are some of the questions we hear the most.

  • Is parasailing safe?
  • Definitely! Parasailing with UFO Parasail in Hawaii is safe and easy. We will review the safety procedures and equipment in detail at the beginning of your flight.

    We also have videos online which illustrate take offs and landings and show you where the safety equipment is. We recommend viewing them before your adventure.

  • How do I make reservations?
  • Call our Kona office at 1-808-427-2952 or our Maui office at 1-808-427-2952. You may also book online directly through our website.

  • Where can I buy logowear?
  • We sell logowear out on the boats and at our Kona office. We offer long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts, baseball caps and visors, women’s tops and sunglasses holders. Product descriptions and prices are available on board or on the Logo Wear page.

  • Where do you get your equipment from?

  • Is there a price difference if one, two, or three people fly together?
  • Prices are per person whether flying alone, tandem, or triple. The minimum weight to fly alone is 160 pounds. Maximum weight for tandems and triples is 450 pounds. Tandems and triples get more time in the air!

  • What should we wear?
  • We suggest you wear clothes that you are comfortable in at the beach and shoes won’t matter because you will leave them on the beach at our umbrella on Maui or on the boat in Kona.

  • Do you take pictures of our experience?
  • Capture your UFO Parasail Adventure utilizing our state-of-the-art HD GoPro(r) chutecam UFO professional editing staff will incorporate the highlights of your flight(s) into a 3-4 minute personalized video or your experience including HD aerial footage of your views and music soundtrack. Relive the excitement and expressions of takeoff, soaring, optional dip, and landing. Multiple flights from your group or family can be edited into one special memory video.
    Your completed video will be uploaded to YouTube within 5-7 days for you to share with friends and family on Facebook or by email. You can also make your own DVD by using the YouTube downloader at ufoparasail.net

    Digital Photos $49

    Edited Highlight Video Link $79

    Raw Footage Video with Micro SD card $49

    Media Package (Raw Footage/Digital Photos) $79

    Edited Media Package (Edited Highlight Video Link/Digital Photos)  $109

  • Can people go on the boat and watch?
  • Yes. The cost for non-flying observers is $39+7% tax. There is a maximum of 12 passengers per boat including flyers and non-flyers; however, we usually do not exceed 8 for comfort unless requested to accommodate larger groups who want to fly together. Upgrades are available with payment on board should an observer change his/her mind and decide to parasail!

  • Is there an age requirement?
  • UFO Parasail has always been proud to be a family oriented activity. Minimum age to parasail, or ride on the boat as a paying observer, is 5 years old. All minors under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign consent forms at check-in for this activity.

  • Are there any weight restrictions?
  • Minimum weight to fly alone is 160 pounds. Maximum weight for tandems or triples is 450 pounds. The captain can increase or decrease these limits at their sole discretion based on safety, wind and sea conditions.

  • What happens if the boat stops suddenly?
  • In the unlikely event of a mechanical malfunction the participants are gently lowered into the water (lifejackets are mandatory) and retrieved by another vessel in our fleet.

  • What do you do if you see a whale?
  • As part of our effort to minimize our operations impact on the seasonal whale migration (Jan- March) we actively avoid whale encounters on our Parasail trips. In the event of a whale initiated close encounter we will follow all protocols provided in the Federal Marine Mammal Protection Act.

  • Is it very windy when I am flying?
  • Is it usually remarkably calm and serene and quiet up there and not windy at all. Guests frequently comment on how peaceful it is up there!

    That said, there are alternative locations to parasail if the winds are too gusty at the Kaanapali location. Our “go or no go” decision to operate is based solely on safety.

  • Do I ever touch the water?
  • We do dry take-off and landings, however you may get dipped and get your feet wet by your request only. Dipping is at the sole discretion of captain for safety based on wind and sea conditions. The 1200′ flight does include an optional simulated free fall where the boat speed is decreased so the participant can experience a parachute descent similar to jumping from a plane but stops short of contact with the water.

  • Do you parasail all year-round?
  • On Maui, we parasail seasonally from May 16th through December 14th.

    We operate year-round in Kona on the Big Island.

  • Do we run on the beach like in Mexico?
  • No. UFO Parasail utilizes state-of-the-art winch boats to float you on and off the back deck of the boat for safe, dry landings.

  • How do we get into and out of the air?
  • With the PREMIUM PARASAIL BOAT SYSTEM, the participants are winched on and off the boat hydraulically for safe, dry takeoffs and landings. In the unlikely event of boat malfunction, the parasailors slowly drift down to the water wearing a lifejacket.

  • If the line breaks, do we fly into outer space?
  • No. The line is designed to withstand 10,000 pounds of pressure. The average pull is only 800 pounds.

Maui: 800-359-4836 Big Island: 800-359-4836

Big Island:

75-5660 Palani Road, Suite 111, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Located in the lobby of the Courtyard Marriott’s King Kamehameha
Kona Beach Hotel near the Kailua Pier


2435 Kaanapali Pkwy, Lahaina HI 96761
Find us on Kaanapali Beach,
fronting Whalers Village under the Green Umbrella.