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Your Flight on YouTube!

GoPro 360 Virtual Reality Experience!

Relive your entire flight from your phone, computer, or Virtual Reality viewer. Watch each flight differently every time you view it with friends and family. Now with enhanced audio to capture those priceless moments of your flight!

Your footage will be posted to YouTube after 5 to 7 days. Just go to the Playlists on our UFO Parasail channel and you will find your video in the island specific dated folder from your parasail tour.

Get pictures of your experience with our Digital Photo package. We use a 18 mega pixel camera utilizing a 300mm zoom lens. We take approximately 25 photos and the SD flash card is yours to keep!

Please call us for details and prices!

Currently the render and upload time is two weeks. The GoPro fusion camera creates 360 degree 1080 quality breathtaking views and crystal clear audio. It is currently a joint beta project with UFO and GoPro exclusive and experiences a 7% failure rate during beta testing. If you are in the 7% we will issue a full refund of the 360 $39 value.