Inshore Fishing Shared Charter

8 Passengers (5 Anglers, 3 Observers)

Quick Details

Tour Duration: 4 or 5 hours

Passengers: Max 5 anglers and 3 observers/riders

Dates: Available 7 days per week

Afternoon Trip: Departure times may vary depending on length of morning trip.

Check-In Time: 15 minutes prior to departure at West Maui’s Mala Wharf boat ramp or Kaanapali Beach

Minimum Age: 12 years and older.

Exclusive Maui Fishing Charter

These exclusive Maui inshore fishing trips are operated closer to shore in the island’s calm executive waters, making this our top recommended charter for serious light tackle fishermen as well as families with children, teens, and those who want to land decent-sized Maui game fish. Departing from West Maui’s Mala Wharf boat ramp and Kaanapali Beach, the Cooper V and Mercury do some fantastic bottom fishing trips. Everything is caught on light tackle. We catch some of the best eating fish around.

The captain can clean and fillet your catch if desired. All activities are at the captain’s discretion and are dependent on the current weather conditions.

Maui Inshore Fishing Overview

UFO Adventures’ inshore fishing trips utilize the fastest fishing vessels in Hawaii. At 30+ knots, Cooper V and Mercury are unmatched in their ability to get to more fishing grounds than any other vessel. The net result is more opportunities to find the bite and put dinner on the table. Depending on the weather, charter time, and guests’ ability, we can utilize various angling techniques for that once-in-a-lifetime Hawaiian fishing experience.

  • Chevron down Vessel Details
    •   Yeti Coolers with ice/water. Food and snacks provided by you.

    •   Simrad and Furuno electronics chart plotters and sonar graphs.

    •   All Coast Guard required safety equipment

    •   Powered by Volvo Penta Marine Diesel 350hp.

    •  Ready to cook fish cleaning and bags supplied.

    •  Shade

  • Chevron down Bottom Fishing
    • Preferable for younger children and families,  this bottom angling in calm nearshore waters of  depths to 200 ft using cut squid strips, yields fish groups Papio, Uku, Goatfish, Nabetta, Taape.

    • Fishing tackle:  Proteus rods and Saltist reels. Dawai 20-pound class outfits, Owner hooks, Berkley fluorocarbon leaders and basic lead weights.

  • Chevron down Deeper Water Jigging
    • In water depths of  225-400 ft using high-speed jigs. Larger fish Jacks and Snapper. Somewhat  physical fishing not for younger children. Although angling experience is a plus, it is not necessary and most will “catch on” quickly.

    • Fishing tackle:  Carnage jigging rods and Penn Torques 25N’s. Penn 40# torque jigging outfits. Major craft high-speed butterfly jigs 60-180 gram weights.

  • Chevron down Bait Fishing
    • This requires catching  live bait at sunrise and/or bringing dead bait and slow trolling (walking bait is what fishermen say) on the surface looking for pelagic types of fish including mahi mahi, ono and tuna.

    • These fish are always on the move and can be the hardest to target and are more opportunistic when the signs are right.   Winter season trip due to the summer trade winds limiting fishing range area . This would be a “speak to the captain” type of call before booking.

    • Fishing tackle:  30# Penn Fathom reels matched with Seeker blue lightning 30# rods.

  • Chevron down Terminal Tackle
    • Owner hooks, Berkely fluorocarbon leaders and basic lead weights.
    • Major craft high-speed butterfly jigs 60-180 gram weights.
    • Classic grub tail jigs and spoons.